MasterChef Australia Season 10 (2018)

All You Want to Know about Master Chef Australia Season 10 2018

One of the most popular Television Reality Show in Australia, Master Chef in Australia is all set to begin the 10th Season in 2018. As reported previously, the Master Chef Season 10 2018 date has been officially announced. The Show will be premiered on 7th May 2018 at 7:30 pm on Monday.  The show that is based on the delicious recipes and challenging tasks is set to retain the old charm. Here is all you want to know about Master Chef Season 10 2018.


Master Chef Australia Season 10, 2018 has the same season of judges to the previous season. The judge trio would remain the same as Chef George Calombaris, Chef Gary Mehigan and Chef Matt Preston. However, the Master Chef Australia Season 10 will have visiting judges as well like the previous season. Widely popular and famous Food Write Nigella Lawson will also be part of the judgement team that will choose 24 contestants for the Master Chef Australia Season 10.

Here is the list of 24 Selected candidates:

Contestant Age Occupation Status
Adele Elliott 34 Enrolment Officer Competing
Aldo Ortado 31 Restaurant Manager Competing
Ben Borsht 31 Builder Competing
Brendan Pang 24 Social Worker Competing
Chloe Carroll 28 Nutritionist Competing
Genene Dwyer 49 Recruitment Coordinator Competing
Gina Ottaway 54 Disability Support Competing
Hoda Kobeissi 32 Social Worker Competing
Jenny Lam 28 Entrepreneur Competing
Jess Liemantara 19 Waitress Competing
Jo Kendray 46 Travel Manager Competing
Khanh Ong 26 DJ Competing
Kristen Sheffield 28 Urban Planner Competing
Lisa Diep 32 Senior IT Analyst Competing
Loki Madireddi 34 Stay-at-home Dad Competing
Michelle Walsh 47 Writer Competing
Reece Hignell 28 Recruitment Consultant Competing
Samira Damirova 36 Stay-at-home Mum Competing
Sarah Clare 33 Stay-at-home Mum Competing
Sashi Cheliah 39 Prison Officer Competing
Tim Talam 28 Butcher Shop Assistant Competing
Denise Valdez 37 Stay-at-home Mum Eliminated 17 May
Metter Chin 54 Project Manager Eliminated 14 May
Brett McGrath 29 Coffee Roaster Eliminated 10 May

Winner of  Masterchef Australia 2017 season 9

Diana Chan

Diana Chan Winner of Masterchef Australia Season 9 {2017}

The winner of Masterchef Australia 2017 season 9 was Diana Chan. She defeated Ben Ungermann in the grand finale that was aired on 24th July 2017. The second runner up of the show was Karlie Verkerk.


It has been officially announced that Network Ten will host the Master Chef Australia Season 9 2017. The ultimate show displays the art of cooking and special talent across Australia.

Starting Date

The new season of Master Chef Australia would be premiered on May 1, 2017. The date has been officially announced by the Network Ten. The subsequent dates of the Season 9 will be followed till Thursday. The Premier will take place on Monday, May 1, followed by Auditions on the next two days. The Top 24 Mystery Box Challenge will be aired soon. Season 9 is expected to be over on Thursday.


Network Ten has confirmed that the show will be aired on 7.30 PM. This time all the days will be aired on same time on Network Ten Channel.

Grand Finale Date & Time

Will mention this details later.

The shooting of the Master Chef Australia Season 9 2017 is going on and the hugely popular show is expected to garner similar support from the audience in this season as well.

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