Best Avocado Fruit Recipe for Healthy Diabetes Diet

Avocado is probably one of the best things that you can eat for your healthy diet. Does not matter whether you are diabetic or not, Avocado is the best thing for your health for the fiber, poly unsaturated fat, huge protein, and the taste. If you consume Avocado, you actually take the protein, fat, vitamins and minerals without any cholesterol and toxic substances. The American Diabetic Association recommends the Avocado as one of the most important fruits for diabetic patients.

However, in order to eat Avocado, you must have a recipe which is tasty, easy to make and of course a great dish for anytime. Here is one best recipe for you made of Avocado that can make you life better, healthier and easier.



This is a very famous and of course one of the most favored recipes prepared from Avocado. Have you tried it before? Well, if not, here is the step by step guide for the Guacamole.

Clean and Cut Avocados

Clean the avocados very well. Before you start preparing your dish, you have to ensure that the avocados are cleaned. Once you are done with that, simply cut the avocados in half. This would make the removal of the seeds from the avocado easier for you. Simply, remove all the seeds from it.

Prepare the Hass Avocado

Scoop out the inner part of the avocado gently. Make sure that you have only taken out the inner flesh of the avocado and not the outer skull of it. If the part is ripe enough then you are ready with the Hass Avocado, if not then, you may mash it to make it even more smoother.

Prepare the Ingredients

The ingredients required for the dish not much. However, this may differ from individual and depends on the taste buds of people. The most common thing is, however, a half table spoon of fresh lemon juice. The advantage of the lemon juice is that it keeps the avocado fresh. If you have white onion, then mince it well and keep it aside. Not more than half sweet white onion should be used. Take one ripe tomato, a Roma tomato would be a great choice. Get some Serrano peppers as well along with it. If you want, you can have some Cilantro chopped and additional salt for the taste. However, these are optional and should be used to the taste.

Prepare the Dish

Guacamole would be ready as you start mixing your ingredients with the Hass Avocado. First, mix the lime juice and stir it well. Put your white onion and mix it with the fresh avocado. According to your choice, put the tomatoes, peppers, cilantro into the mixture and stir it for 2-3 minutes.

Now, leave the mixture for 5-10 minutes as it is. This would allow the ingredients to mix well and the taste would have the fusion of all the ingredients. Now, serve your Guacamole with added salad if you want.

Isn’t that simple? It truly is. You can prepare one of the healthiest diets in just under half an hour that too without any effort.

So, eat well, live well.

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