Induction Cooktops v/s Gas Stove: Which one is Better?

As gas stoves have been around with us for a long time, we often feel more comfortable using them when compared to other cooktops. Gas stoves are quite accessible, and over the years, we have come to use them very well without trouble or hassles. However, one of the cooktops that have been gaining huge popularity is the induction cooktops. It is smoothly creating its easy way towards the kitchens of many people and has been sticking to impressing them with its quality and performance.

However, the question that comes is whether an induction cooktop is going to be better than the gas stoves that have been with us over decades. Let us discuss both of these cooktops so that you can decide what is going to work in a better way for you.

Induction Cooktop

Gas Stoves

For many people, a gas stove is what they prefer to use in their kitchen. If you like gas stoves we have the following benefits that it must be offering you:

  • As soon as you turn a gas stove on, you get the heat that you need. There is nothing in a gas stove that needs to be heated in a sequence or process. You get instant heat, and that is about it.
  • When compared to electric cooktops, gas stoves are known to offer you better chances of cooking your food evenly.
  • You can use a gas stove for cooking your food even when you have power outages at your home.


  • The gas in the gas stoves possesses a lot of dangers. There is always a safety risk associated with such cooktops. Therefore, these stoves can cause a potential accident if the gas leaks from it.

Induction Cooktops


In induction cooking, the process of electromagnetic induction is involved. Here, the coil in the induction cooktop gets creates enough magnetic fields to create sufficient current. This current is then passed to the pans or utensils you place on them. Here are the few benefits associated with induction cooktops:

  • Induction cooking is one of the fastest methods which will help you cook your food on a cooktop.
  • Induction cooktops are very safe as they are not going to get their surface heated until you place a vessel or utensil on them. Therefore, there are not going to be chances for getting your hand burnt using it.
  • They are very affordable you can buy induction cooktop below 2000 Rs in India.


  • If you use metal spoons in the vessel on the induction cooktop, you will be prone to get an electric shock.
  • Induction cooktops could also not be used when there is a power cut. So if the place where you live has an irregular power supply, you will have a tough time dealing with the cooktop.

Which cooktop out of the two is better for you?

For getting this question answered, we believe considering your preferences along with going through the benefits and drawbacks that we have offered is enough. You can also consider your cooking style, kitchen design as well as your habits to know which cooktop will suit your needs the best.

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