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You can learn very many skills from the internet. Whether you need these skills to boost your career, start your own business, complete a project, or even for the fun of learning something new, you can be sure to know these skills for free through the internet. You can look for certification for the skills you acquire online.

Without wasting any time, let’s get to know some of the learning resources online, you can learn a skill for free. You can also find more content concerning this topic on proessaywriting.

Learn Something

Academic platforms. 

For anyone out there looking for a legitimate online course from one among the most recognized universities in the world, edX is your answer. The NGO, founded by Harvard and MIT, aims to change education dispensation and eliminate geographical and financial restraints. Those who have the capacity have the option of being paid, but most of the learning content is free, especially for freelance learners.


This platform enables you to learn as much as you can in your spare time. Using their advanced technology and features, they offer a wide range of courses. Initially, you can opt-in for a free 14-day period then later advance for a certificate. Similarly, you can opt for unlimited membership in their platform at a $250 yearly cost. But for the first two weeks you sign in, you get free stuff to learn.

The platform has courses, including data science, computer science, business, language, and other disciplines. The plus platform requires a subscription every year of $399. The added advantage to subscribing is that you get their certification. None, the less, 85% of the courses offered are free of charge and, therefore, very resourceful for anyone who wishes to enrich their skills.

Fren Bali founded the platform to allow instructors and teachers alike to create personal online courses. Courses vary from $15 to $300. However, there are free deals that pop up often. Uniqueness in this platform is its ability to deliver free courses in over 65 different languages across the world. There are over 150,000 courses that you can access on any device.

For anyone seeking to specialize in fields including technology, science, art, engineering, design, math, and music, these for you. Institutions like Stanford, Goldsmiths, Columbia University, Paris College of Art, and others have partnered with this platform to provide the mentioned courses. Similar to Udemy, there is a free and premium option. The latter allows any user to get certifications at a $20 cost per month.

Professionals in design, animation, illustration, business, writing, photography, general lifestyle, and filmmaking use this platform to share their professionalism with those interested. Premium membership costs $19 each month, after which you can access great deals. This platform also has a bunch of free online classes you can try out.

Un-academic courses?

Well, not everybody wishes to pursue a skill in the academic field. There is a tone of places you can get un-academic courses that can be a great addition in your day to day life.

For example, if you wish to learn how to cook or add cooking skills to the ones you already have, you can try out some online kitchens on the internet. They include YouTube channels like Tasty and Bon Appetit. Another great place you can find cooking tutorials is on Instagram. You can follow live classes on Basically classes or follow their stories.

There are a lot more courses online offered free of charge. Some skills like dancing, yoga, and exercise, craftsmanship are all available on various platforms.


Taking up an online course during your free time can also come in handy when it comes to job search. Whenever you have time, learn a skill, and if you can, get certification for it.

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