Natural Rugs gives Stylish & Modern Look to Decors

The most important quality of natural rugs is that they are both biodegradable and renewable. Both the attractive weave and its sustainable nature make it highly popular, admirable and appreciable by the customers very much. These are eco friendly and healthier too thus it grabs the attraction of customers very much. Nowadays the natural flooring, natural carpets or natural rugs gives an amazing natural look which makes the environment of indoors eco-friendly and are highly appreciated and admired by the customers or users. It can be used in various ways to enhance the beauty of interiors or exteriors decors.

Benefits of Natural Rugs

The natural rugs are crafted from the natural plant based fibers, such as jute, sisal, hemp, sea grass for the creation of rugs. It gives a warm, polished, casual or cozy feel to the room. There are many unique benefits of natural rugs which are as follows:

  • These natural rugs are inexpensive in comparison to other types of rugs.
  • Qualitative & Eco-friendly.
  • Gives a cozy and warm feel.
  • Beautiful weaving which attracts lots of customers.
  • Natural rugs are available in various designs, colors, patterns and textures.
  • Available in variety of decorating genres such as traditional, contemporary, eclectic etc.
  • The natural rugs provide instant warmth to the room.
  • The texture and color of natural fiber rugs creates an amazing beautiful atmosphere.
  • It requires less maintenance and can be easily cleaned.
  • All the natural rugs are highly customized.
  • Highly durable with wide range of styles and materials.
  • Mainly there are four most common types of natural rugs like jute, sisal, hemp and sea grass.

Selection of Appropriate Types of Rugs depends on Determination of Needs

When customers go for shopping for natural fiber rugs, it is important to keep in mind its usage, placement, feel and look in mind. The various parameters which must be considered are as follows:

  • Low Traffic: The low traffic spaces include guest rooms, bed rooms and formal living rooms. The type of rugs which can be used in these rooms which will get less wear and tear, therefore lighter colors and soft materials can be used in these rooms.
  • Medium Traffic: The medium traffic rooms are regularly used like dining room or home office.
  • High Traffic: The high traffic areas include family rooms, hallways, entryway or kitchen. In these areas, the rugs which can be used must be durable as well as must be stain resistant. The sisal rugs would be best for these spaces as they are strongest fibers and are also tough fibers.

Types of Rugs

  • Jute: The jute rugs have imperfect texture which adds an earthy look to a room. It can be dyed in different range of colors. It resembles like wool and is soft. It is made from plant’s stalk not from its leaves.
  • Sisal: The sisal fibers are highly durable, can be dyed and also available in wide range of earthy hues and best for high traffic areas.
  • Hemp: The hemp fibers are used in textiles for many years. It is also durable with coppery brown color and it is sustainable, strong and mildew resistant.
  • Sea Grass: It is stain resistant as well as incredibly durable and best for kitchens and bathroom usage.

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