5 Alternatives to Pizza Stone

A Pizza Stone keeps your oven hot, which helps you to make a pizza crust crisp. However, there are five different alternatives to achieve the same result.

The baking stones equivalent to the pizza stone

Inverted Baking Sheet – is the favorite Pizza-making stove. Before you preheat the oven, you need to use the rimmed baking sheet and invert it on the lowest shelf. This makes it easy to slide the pizza on the baking sheet when you have to bake. When you preheat, the inverted baking sheet’s surface will have enough temperature to make the pizza crisp. It also becomes easier to remove the pizza out of the oven.

Cast Iron Pan – Though you can cook the skillet pizza in an iron cast pan in the stovetop, it can be used to make a pizza crust crispy. You can heat the large cast-iron skillet upside down & replicate the pizza stone in the oven just as the baking sheet. Setting the pizza on a sheet pan is safer & easier.

Hot Grill – Most of the people would like to have the grilled pizza over others. The hot grill can reach the required temperature faster than most of the stoves. The hot grill makes the charred pizza crusts crispy & ready for the crowd within a few minutes.

Pizza Pan – is the commonly used household item. You can simultaneously heat the case and make the crust crispy if you have the hangover. The aluminum pizza pan is used often to get better results while preparing the pizza. As it is a non-stick pan, you can easily slide the pizza after baking the crust & serve the crowd quickly.

Baking Steel – is an excellent tool and a portable cooking surface used for baking. When you bake the pizza on a stone surface, it generates the even heat for a perfect bake. With a stone surface, you can reduce the movement of the pizza, unlike other ovens. You can get the baking steel with ceramic stone, tile, and other materials. It helps the pizza to get a golden & a crispy crust.

You can enjoy the crispy pizza crust even without using a pizza stone. However, it depends on the skills & the methods that you use. Here are some of the tips to prepare the pizza with other alternatives to the pizza stone.

Heat the oven beforehand at 500◦F and place it on the baking sheet. When the oven is in the process of heating, you can prepare the pizza ingredients in the meantime so the pizza gets ready faster.

Make the pizza dough thinner so you can bake the pizza crust faster. You also need to ensure that it fits the baking sheet.

Remove the baking sheet with a potholder after the oven is heated for at least 15 minutes. Drizzle the pizza with olive oil and turn the coat to the whole sheet.

Move the dough to the baking sheet and cover the top for quicker results. Keep baking it for 12-15 minutes till the crust becomes brown & the cheese melts completely.


You can make a crisp pizza crust without compromising with the time, depending on the method that you use.

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