5 Uses of a Culinary Torch

Culinary torches are of astonishing utility! A modern kitchen without a culinary torch appears incomplete. There is a reason why the dishes that verified chefs prepare are extraordinarily tasty. They have access to various kinds of new kitchen tools and resources. The kitchen torches are one of those pantry gadgets that enhance the taste of every meal. A novice person would not be able to find out the advantages of using these torches. Multi-cuisine restaurants and cafes principally use propane kitchen torches as they have a more substantial potential to brown/crust/roast/toast/glaze or finish a meal.

Talking of the browning, roasting, and glazing of a meal, you might be wondering- can we do all of it with just a single device? Yes, you read it correctly! The old cooking practices used different instruments to carry out these simple processes. However, a kitchen torch enables you to carry all these operations with it. Most of the people purchase a kitchen torch without proper acknowledgment about it. Thus, you fail to make the complete all-round use of a kitchen torch. Once you allow yourself to know the method of using the torch (by reading manuals/online articles), proceed to the next step- recipes.

Kitchen Torch

One can readily satisfy the requirements of their taste buds by having a proper idea about the recipes that could be prepared by a kitchen torch:

1. Preparing a crème Brulee

You can Brulee your favorite dishes such as oatmeal breakfast, custard dessert, or grapefruit dessert. You just need to sprinkle a layer of sugar on the top of these dishes. You can either choose the brown sugar or the regular ones. After sprinkling the sugar, turn on the kitchen torch and aim the flame on the top of the dessert. Once you notice the bubbling of sugar, check the crisp of the dessert. People prefer differences in the level of crisp according to the individual taste. It is one of the most popular use of a culinary torch in America.

2. Use it for roasting vegetable

Roasting or charring of the vegetables has become easier than ever. A kitchen torch is conveniently used to roast bell peppers, red chilies, or jalapenos. One can also use a culinary torch to peel off the layerings of tomato.

3. Adding crisp to non-vegan dishes

Nonvegan dishes are more tickling to our taste buds when they are full of crisps. A culinary torch can be efficiently used for glazing a non-veg dish. Glazing a ham is so convenient that you need to garnish the top of ham with some pineapple pieces and chutney. Sprinkle some sugar and run the blow torch over it. A seared fish is a perfect appetizer for seafood lovers.

4. A miracle for cheese & pizza

Melting the cheese with a blow torch is the easiest job to do. Top the cheese with grated onion and chilies & layer it on the top of the pizza base. You will no longer require a convection microwave for this purpose.

5. Preparing a chocolate brownie or cake

You might experience unusual taste in the homemade cake or brownie due to over or undercooking. However, a kitchen torch helps to prevent the burning of chocolate and results in a soft, well-cooked, and creamy cake.

These were the top 5 uses of a kitchen torch. Thanks for reading!

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