6 Best Microwave Oven Recipes You Must Try

The dishes you make in your microwave will only take you less time. The same dishes when you make it in the stove will tire you because so much energy will be spent in the prep time. And when talking about the time, the microwave cooking will only take you less time. You have to set the correct time, and the food will start to prepare itself. Want to try some of the recipes on your microwave?

Then here are the recipes for you to cook and eat.

The recipes that will blow your mind

  • Microwave chocolate fudge

This is one of the most favorites of all recipes. This gooey dessert that melts in your mouth will keep you happy all day. It only needs four things to make it and twenty minutes to cook it. Try this chocolate delight in your home and enjoy it. Put in the right things in the cup and microwave it for the set time. The fudge will come out all right at the end of the proportions of the ingredients are right. So check it one time and see if the proportions are correct for you.

  • Gajar halwa in your microwave

There is nothing tasty as the halwa you make in your home. You can make it according to the taste you like. Slowly cook the Gajar halwa in your microwave. The grated carrots mixed with the two spoons of ghee, almonds, resins, condensed milk, cardamom etc. are some of the essential ingredients to make Gajar halwa.

  • Microwave Macchi Laal masala

Try the chili-infused and spicy fish recipe in the microwave. You can do it for under two minutes. The only issue here is that you need to marinate the fish an hour before the beginning of the prep time. This will make sure the flavor will go through the fish. This dish is one of the best dishes to microwave if you have guests coming

  • Microwave channel custard

This is a golden and syrupy caramel custard that tastes heavenly. You have to make it with milk, sugar, and eggs. This custard is soft and supple and will leave you asking for more. This type of dish can mess up if you prepare in the gas stove as it takes diligent care to make it. Sometimes the custard can lose the texture and come out different. However, when the food is microwaved, it comes out perfect and good.

  • Microwave dhokla

This Gujarati traditional dish can be prepared in the modern microwave. The dish will come out soft and fluffy if you put in all matters right. This dish is topped with the tadka that adds a good punch to the dish. So what are you waiting for try the microwave dhokla in your home and impress your friends?

  • Paneer Tikka in the microwave

This soft and white cube of the cottage cheese is a wonderful dish. You have to marinate the paneer and then cook it for ten minutes in the microwave. This is a good starter for all parties.

These are some of the six microwave oven recipes you must surely try.

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