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Alex Perry is a well-known fashion designer. He also works as a TV Presenter. He basically designs the clothes for the women and his clothes are found in the wardrobe of most of the celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kum Kardashian, Rihanna and Sarah Murdoch.

Alex PerryBorn

14 February 1963 (53 Years Old)


1.73 Meters

Marital Status

Married to Merry Perry

Net Worth

Not Known

Income Sources

Alex is a designer hence major chunk of his income comes from the exclusive clothes that are sold under his brands. Alex is popular among celebrities and earns a lot because of his collections. A part of his income also comes from the shows that he hosts. His exact income is not known but he surely earns a health salary.

Personal Background

There is not much of information about Alex but it is known that he was born in Australia in Sydney. His parents migrated to Australia and they married each other.It is also known that he has a brother whose name is Lee Perry. He didn’t inherited much from his father, rather he became successful and rich because of his own efforts. Recently Alex also opened a luxury hotel which also contributes to his income.

Career Graph

Alex started his career long back in 1992. He started with a small showroom which used to create gowns and other women clothing. His work gained popularity really quickly. The brand was feature in Vogue Australia for its collection. After gaining fame, he shifted his showroom to another place in 1994. Alex’s collection is shown every year on Mercedes Australian Fashion Week. The show features all the famous celebrities. In 1998, he came up with ready to wear collection and 4 years later, he inaugurated another showroom in Sydney. His work kept on gaining popularity globally. It is also known that all the famous stars wore his gowns on stage as well as during the red carpet events. Alex also got a chance to host TV shows.His shows were featured on Nine Network and Seven Network. Alex also got a chance to be a contestant on Master Chef Australia’s Celebrity season. This was in 2009. In 201, Alex also mentored the show ‘Project Runway Australia’. The same year Alex also appeared as a judge on ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’. Alex also decided to invest in a hotel and he came up with The Alex Perry Hotel and Apartments in 2015.

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