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Andy Bowdy is the nickname of the world’s famous chef, Andrew Bowden. He is a known pastry chef and in one of the interview, he explained that he never wanted to be a pastry chef and all he knew was that he wanted to be something that was close to his heart. He also revealed that he always used to watch his Nans in the kitchen and he used to enjoy watching them while they cooked. He also revealed that during his school days, he used to go through a lot of recipe books and later, he started going to the university but unfortunately, he was not successful in cracking the university exams.

After realizing that he won’t be able to go for graduation, Andy moved to London and there he started working in the kitchen of a restaurant. There is not much of information available about Andy on public domain

Andy Bowdy


After moving to London, he realized his love for cooking and this was after he already started working in a restaurant. It took him a lot of time to stabilize as he started exploring new restaurants to learn new styles. His main agenda was to work under many different chefs so that he is able to learn new techniques. Later, one of the owners of a bakery allowed him to play with his creativity and it was at that time when he got success. He made oversized pies and many other dishes which were an instant hit among people. That was a turning point in his life and since then he has had a very successful career.

Net Worth: Not Known

Personal Information

  • Name: Andrew Bowden
  • Nick Name: Andy Bowdy
  • Date of Birth: Not Known
  • Place of Birth: United Kingdom
  • Marital Status: Not Known
  • Profession: Pastry Chef
  • Language Known: English

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