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Ben is a contestant at Master Chef Australia and there is not much information available about him as this is the first time he had been given such a big platform. He received a lot of negative attention after one of the episodes of the Master Chef. As per the episode, during the competition, he was directly competing with Sarah. As per the information available, during the cooking challenge, he went to Sarah’s cooking station and he copied the idea of her dish.

Chef Sarah was cooking prawns on a stove and even Ben copied the idea as he wanted his prawns to have a smoky charred flavor. It would have all been wine if Ben wouldn’t have won the challenge but the fans of Chef Sarah are now accusing Ben as he won the challenge with just one point. Sarah received 27 points in the competition and Ben received 28 points. The fans of Chef Sarah were seen taking out their anger on Twitter and Facebook. Ben’s fan also came out on twitter stating that Sarah always had an advantage as she was cooking his cultural dish.

Ben Devlin


It is known that Ben started his career quite early and at present, he works at a restaurant which is very famous for its sea food. Hence everyone has higher expectations from Ben. There is not much information available about his career but it is known that he is loved by his customers who visit the outlet on daily basis. At present, Ben is competing in Master Chef Australia and he received an immunity last week.

Net Worth: Not Known

Personal Information

  • Name: Ben Devlin
  • Nick Name: Ben
  • Date of Birth: Not Known
  • Marital Status: Not Known
  • Profession: Chef
  • Language Known: English

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