Can You Open the Bread Machine While Baking?

Many people use bread machine for the making of bread. The main advantage of using a bread machine is being able to use and eat freshly baked bread, at the comfort of your home. It also saves a lot of money and allows you to choose amongst a lot of ingredients. Although bread baking is not a magical process, it is much easier than baking in an oven. Most of the people are doubtful whether or not the bread machine can be opened at the time when the bread is being baked. In this article, we shall try to find out the answer to the above. So, read on the article “can you open the bread machine at the time of baking?”

When Can you Open the Bread Machine? 

There are many steps that are required when you are making bread in a bread machine. It is often advised by bread making experts that you should open the lid of the bread machine in about five to ten minutes after you have started the machine itself. Post that, the second time when you should open the lid of the bread machine is a few minutes after the kneading process of the bread has started. This is probably after another ten minutes of the kneading cycle. Thus, you open the bread machine a total after around twenty minutes after the entire process of bread making has started.

When Can You Not Open the Lid?

As seen above, you can definitely go ahead and open the lid of the bread machine when the bread is being baked. However, there is a time when you should not open the lid. What time is that?

Well, the lid should not be open at the time when the bread is kept for proofing. This is the time during which you allow the yeast in your bread to work and do what it is required to do, and the bread rises at this stage. If you open the lid during this stage of the bread making process, then the heat will escape, and the desired rise shall not be achieved in the bread.

How Will the Opening of the Bread Machine Help You?

The opening of the bread machine shall help you in getting good quality bread that you will have desired.

Opening of the lid is one of the important steps that will go a long way in helping to make the quality of the bread much better. This is one of the major steps that is actually required to be done. Bread making is actually a art and there are a number of things at every stage of bread making that can actually go wrong. Hence, checking how the dough is doing at different stages of bread making is actually a necessary step that should be followed.

Thus, as is clear from the above article, you can definitely open the lid of the bread machine whilst the bread is baking. The only caveat is you should know when is the right time to do so.

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