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George Negus is a well-known journalist who also wrote some of the best sellers. He is also a member of the Order of Australia and he is also the director of a Media Consulting company which he started. The name of the company is Negus Media International. Even at the age of 74, he is actively involved with his work.

George NegusBorn

13 March 1942 (74 Years Old)

Marital Status

Married to Kirsty Cockburn


Serge Cockburn and Ned Cockburn

Net Worth

Not Public

Income Sources

The major source of income for George is the TV shows that he hosts. He also earns a lot of money through the books he have published. George earned a lot of respect and fame while presenting the shows on various channels which helped him in developing the steady source of the income. He also owns a Media company called ‘Negus Media International’ which generates income for him.

Personal Background

It is known that George was born in Brisbane and later moved to Sydney. He completed his education from University of Queensland where he received his degree in journalism. George married Kirsty and had two kids with her. His wife is also a journalist and it is often reported that she herself helped her husband in many projects. George is also fond of football and he worked as a board member of Soccer Australia.

Career Graph

George started his career as a school teacher and he also worked as press secretary for Lionel Murphy. Lione Murphy was the Attorney General during Whitlam Government. George also wrote two books and the name of the books that he published were ‘The Australian’ and ‘The Australian Financial Review’. Later he joined as a reported for ABC Channel. He gained a lot of popularity while working as a reporter and one of his famous show was ’60 Minutes’. Later he hosted ‘Foreign Correspondent’. The show was aired on ABC and after completing this show he moved to Italy. Apart from the two books he wrote, he published another book call ‘The World from Italy – Food, Football and Politics’. After a brake of about 18 months, he joined ABC again and he appeared on ‘Australia Talks’. In 2005, George got an offer from SBS Network to hos ‘Dateline’. He hosted another shoe called ‘6:30 with George Negus’. The show was broadcasted on Network 10.

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