How to Choose a best Water Filter Pitcher

Water filter pitchers are jug like containers with a spout used for storage of filtered drinking water. Known for its unique advantage, it is been preferred by many to avoid any bacterial infection affecting the drinking water. It is important to choose the best water filter pitcher as contaminated water is the main cause of many water-borne diseases. In order to stay healthy, it is extremely necessary to choose the best water filter pitcher.

The factors contributing to the choice of a best Water Filter Pitcher are explained below

Features offered

The best water filter pitcher is the one which removes all the contaminants mainly heavy metals present in the water making it entirely safe to drink and for kitchen use too. The water should be tested prior to the selection of the water filter pitcher. Studying the components in the water helps to choose the perfect filter which can entirely remove them and make it safe to consume.

The material of the container

The material cannot be overlooked as it may cause harm to the drinking water. Filter pitchers are usually BFA free which is safe to use. Using a plastic jar can cause harmful effects to the water. In order to reduce the cost of the filter pitcher, buying low standard material jugs can be toxic to our drinking water rather than providing a safe one.

Filter capacity

The rate at which the filtration takes place is also taken into account for the filter capacity. Frequent usage of water filter pitcher might cause easy damage to the filter and replenishment is required. Hence it is always advised to choose the best filter with a longer life in order to avoid replacing it very frequently.  Changing filter costs a lot of money and hence it is better to choose the filter with a long life. The faster the filtration, the more beneficial it is.


Size of the water filter pitcher depends on the usage of it. For many people using the filter on a regular basis in case of an organization, the large-sized container is required and it might take a long time to filter. However, the container size can be minimal if few people are using in the case of a house. Depending on the container size, the time taken to refill differs.

Easy usage

With its easy handling feature, it is been preferred by many and can be also used during travel due to its lightweight. Cleaning is a tedious process and hence making it simple is preferred when compared to the heavy maintenance of filters. The filter costing a lot for maintenance is never been welcomed.

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