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Indira Naidoo is a well-known Australian journalist. She also works as an author and a TV presenter. She was also a participant in the celebrity season of Master Chef Australia. It is known that she reached such heights because of her hard work and dedication towards the field. She is also an environment activist who received training for the former US Vice President about delivering presentation on impacts of anthropocentric climate change.

Indira NaidooBorn

1968 (48 Years Old)

Marital Status

Married to Mark Fitz Gerald



Net Worth

Not Known

Income Sources

Major source of income for Indira is the shows that she host along her work in news journalism. A part of her income also comes from the books that she published. It is known that she earns a good salary but the exact salary and net worth is not known.

Personal Background

Indira was born in South Africa. She later moved to England and finally got settled in Australia where she started her profession. There is not much information about her childhood and her parents but it is known that she went to Launcston Church Grammar School when she was in Tasmania and she completed her rest of the education from Narcoorte High School in Australia. She also lived in South Africa for a short duration of time. She later went to University of South Australia. Indira later married Mark FirzGerald who is known to be a famous producer and director

Career Graph

Indira started her career as a journalist with ABC. She started as a political reporter and later she got a chance to anchor one of the show called ‘The 7:30 Report’. She was later transferred to Sydney and she became famous as one of the youngest news host. It is also reported that she wrote for a several magazines. Indira also worked in shows like Club Buggery and The Fat. Indira also got a chance to present Asia Pacific Screen Award. During her career she wrote three books which are, TheEdible Balcony’, ‘The Edible City’ and ‘From the Heart – Women of Letters’. Not just this, she won several awards like South Australian Justice Administrator Award for Television along with Dalgety Award, Excellence in Sustainability Award etc. Indira also worked as a spokeswoman for a consumer watchdog show. The name of the show was CHOICE. She received Shonky Award for the same.

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