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Kate Bracks is famous as the winner of Master Chef Australia. She won the third season of the show. She is also known as Katherine Jane Pickett. She lives in New South Wales in Australia and she is a teacher by profession. Kate is loved for her bakery products and it is also reported that she makes really amazing cakes. She was recently there in India. She was there for the opening of a bakery. It is well-known fact that she was only 8 years old when she made her first solo-dish

Kate BracksBorn: 1974, age 42

Height:Not Known

Marital Status:Married to Luke Bracks

Net Worth:Not Known

Income Sources:Kate is known to be a teacher by profession. She teaches at a high school and that acted as a source of income for her before she appeared on Master Chef. She is building her own baking brand. She sells homemade cake.

Personal Background:Keith was born and brought up in Australia. She attended Orange Evangelical Church. She is the mother of three children and she worked as a school teacher prior to coming on the show. She is known to be a dedicated Mom and a loving wife. She had been famous for her bakery delicacies. She revealed that she used to help her ‘Nanna’ in the kitchen and she was only 8 years old when she first stepped into the kitchen to make a solo dish. She said that she made a coffee cake. During one of the visits in India she also shared that her 10 year daughter is also fond of cooking. She said that the major change that came into her life after winning the show is that she now works full time.

Career Graph: She worked as a school teacher prior to coming on Master Chef. After winning the title it is reported that she travelled the whole country as a cooking demonstrator. She also addressed public during her journey and she is known to be a good public speaker. At present she is also working to promote her own bakery. She also published the book, which was the part of the prize of winning Master Chef. The title of the book was ‘The Sweet Life’ and the book contained recipe of the desserts. She was recently in India for the opening of a bakery. She inaugurated Whitefield Baking Company which is located in the Marriott hotel in Bengaluru, previously known as Bangalore.

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