Kathleen de Leon Jones Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Biography, Spouse

Kathleen is a well-known Australian dancer, singer and actress. Her roots are in Philippines but she grew up in Australia. She is famous for her work in Hi-5 which is an Australian bands. Huge number of children loves her because she mostly worked in shows targeting young children.

Kathleen de Leon JonesBorn: 1 September 1977 (39 Years Old)

Marital Status: Married to Daniel Jones

Children: Mikayla de Leon Jones, Keira de Leon Jones

Height: Unknown

Net Worth: 25 Million US Dollar

Income Sources

During her active years, Kathleen’s major source of income was the shows that she did. But in 2007, she decided to end her professional career as she wanted to devote her time in the up bringing up her daughter. Hence the source of income was terminated and as of now it is known that Kathleen de Leon Jones is now a housewife and the responsibility of earning bread and butter for the family is on her Husband.

Personal Background

It is known that Kathleen was born in Philippines in 1977 and her parents moved to Australia in 1978. It is also known that she has two younger sister. Kathleen’s childhood was spent in Sydney. She completed her education from Australian College of Entertainment and she met Daniel Jones in 2000 who became her husband in 2005. The marriage ceremony was held in a resort in Queensland. Her husband was a part of Savage Garden which is an Australian Pop Band. After the marriage, Kathleen gave birth to two children. As of now, Kathleen moved to Las Vegas along with her family.

Career Graph

It is known that Kathleen started her career at a very early age. She received Kellogg’s scholarship to study further and she later competed in TV show known as ‘New Faces’. She stood third in the show and that was a new start for her career. After winning the third position at the show, she got an offer from various other shows like Heartbreak High, Ridgey Didge and At Home Show. Later she started working with the group ‘Hi-5’. After working for 8 years in the group she decided to leave the show because she wanted to devote her time in bring up her daughters. That was an end of her career and she didn’t work anywhere after that. She is surely one of the greatest mother in the history.

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