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Rhys Badcock is a chef by his profession. He is the winner of Australian Master Chef in the year 2013. Though is very versatile in his profession, his addiction towards drugs and other different legal cases in his youth age slow down his career. He is very renowned for the number of rumors in light about his life.

Rhys Badcock Born

1983 AD (33 Years Old), Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Height: N/A

Marital Status: Unmarried

Parents: N/A

Net Worth

300 Million Dollar (which includes his properties, stock, shares, private planes, and boats)

Income Sources

Rhys basically had a very weak family background before winning Australian Master Chef. After winning the title of Australian Master Chef his demand grew significantly and he started to earn a healthy income. Later on, he joined Kimberly Quest on 2007 as a chef which was his major source of income.

Personal Background

Rhys was born in a small town named Caloundra situated at Sunshine Coast. Later he shifted to Kalbarri in West Australia where he stayed until the age of thirteen. After the age of 13, he moved to Byron where he joined High School and completed it from there. As always he again did not remain at the same place and shifted to Margaret River. He joined a job as an apprentice there. He is very fond of fishing and swimming.Currently, there are lots of rumor about his life that “Is he dead or alive?”, “Is he gay or bisexual?” and much more.

Career Graph

There is not much detailed information about the career of Rhys Badcock as he had avery short span of time to continue his career path because he was addicted to drugs and attached to different legal cases. In spite of being surrounded by a number of cases and rumors, he has managed to earn plenty income in his life. His career started from an apprenticeship in Margaret River at Driftwood Estate. At Cape Lodge in Western Australia, he finished his apprenticeship, but he joined there as a Sous Chef very soon. In Brisbane, he has worked for few years on Dunk Island and he joined Kimberley Quest as a chef since 2007. He is a residential employee there. He was a very popular chef at Kimberley Quest as he used to fishing by his own. After that, he had taken part in the 8 days “Cruise, Fish and Taste Expedition” where he performed very well at cooking seafood.

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